1. peel back the layers
    but be patient
    and gentle

  2. Survey time:

    1) if you ruled the world, you’d do what?

    2) if you had 24 hours to live, you’d do what?

  3. Best advice I ever got from an older colleague many years ago was “The only person who cares about your career here is you. So keep that in mind and always place yourself ahead of the corporation”

    Then the other day a prof was telling us to always keep our careers “mobile”. He said you should always make sure you have a viable alternative job you could get tomorrow if required. Knowing you’re wanted elsewhere improves your current work situation. Essentially make it known your valuable to someone else and that gives your leverage and bargaining power.

    The other interesting point was setting aside a “development” savings fund dedicated to traveling. Traveling should be used as a means to challenge and expand your perspective on life. So try to visit a new country every year, be it developed or developing. But don’t waste it sitting on a beach soaking sun. Go see how business is conducted there, or what technology is used there, or what issues are facing people who live there.

    I’ve already been doing the traveling to develop as an individual without really viewing it in that form.

  4. It’s often hard to understand the things in life you rarely experience.The haze makes black seem white and white seem black. Without knowing what the signal is you’re looking for, you just assume everything is background noise.

    When you find yourself in such a situation, go down the fork in the road with the biggest potential payoff.

  5. serious thirst

    serious thirst

  6. applicants?


  7. jaimelaboheme:


Zoe Kravitz | Michael Muller

Flaw. Less.



    Zoe Kravitz | Michael Muller

    Flaw. Less.

    (Source: mullerphoto.com)

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